Just wondering what programs do you guys use to watch and listen to your media

Hi guys, ive been trialing different programs to use for listening and watching my media…
Just curious, what are you guys using??

For me im using:
~ Watching media : Nero Showtime (Actually it isnt too bad…although screen capture may need a bit work…but runs brilliantly…WMP no where near as complete as this…)
~ Listening media: Winamp 5 (Latest one…with the old blocky skin…low on resources does a lot of things…havent tried burning nor ripping with it yet…)

Not sure if moderators will make this a poll…but im interested though…
I am now trying BS Player…however i think it feels a bit loose…hmmm~~~

watching: well, i really don’t watch movies on my pc

listening: winamp 5, the media library is the best one i’ve ever seen…

Showtime is EVIL. Evil, horrible, bad, and wrong.

  1. It has some of the worst MPEG-2 decoding I’ve ever seen, which is odd because it isn’t Nero’s decoder that’s bad. I can only assume that Showtime is so horrifyingly broken inside that it can’t deal with the quite nice streams coming from the Nero decoder.

  2. It takes over the computer. It tries to register EVERY file type known to man, and can’t really play most of them all that well.

  3. Its interface needs HELP.

  4. It is SLOW and BULKY and NASTY. This probably contributes to problem #1.

I have a tendency to use WMP/MPC/VLC for 99.99% of my viewing needs. shrug

Winamp for audio.

Again, winamp 5 for audio.

Usually I use Ace DivX player for video, because it gets subtitles automatically, if available (if you have installed DivXG or GDivX, whatever the thingie was called). I am usually happy with a small program that needs no installation, and is called vplayer, also. And if I am just lazy, Media Player (I think 9 or 10) works fine too. For DVD movies - most often Power DVD player.

Windows: Winamp for most stuff, except Videolan VLC for DVD

Linux: XMMS, Totem, Xine

Amarok , Mplayer , Xine

WMP10, winamp, PowerDVD and WinDVD

cool…this looks like fun…pay day is around…my buy something new

@ twn_onizuka Amrok, Mplayer, Xine, Totem, XMMS, Videolan, WinAmp are all Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

cool…does anyone know how to install the second nero package without installing nero showtime???



  • Winamp 2.92
  • Media player Classic / Bestpayer 1.0


  • XMMS
  • MPlayer -1.0pre6a

1by1 for mp3, zoom player for videos.

Lately I’ve been using iTunes for CD-Audio playback and MP3 ripping/playback.

For DVD playing I usually use ATI’s DVD player (it came bundled with the AIW card), I’ve noted that the video quality is significantly better than with M$ MP10. However, the ATI software, in general, sucks big-time - lots of annoying glitches and bugs; and on top of their sucky software their support sucks even worse; the final icing on the cake ( :a ) iis that their driver / software update process is the most cumbersome I’ve ever experienced.