Just with Clonedvd? always get a poor quility ending


I need to know if that prob (poor quility ending) is related for dvdshrink?
I think it not just a media problem, i think clonedvd is the prob…

I have burned a lot on dvd with Clonedvd with this prob.
Used a lot of brand name dvd’s like Kodak, Maxell, noname… and the result is the same… bad ending. :a


for best quality split the movie on two discs using CloneDVD

Using CloneDVD2, how can you split a movie onto 2 discs?

Some informations here.


Is it possible for CloneDVD2 to split the movie at a specific chapter like DVDFab does? Didn’t see this mentioned in the link you provided eltraquil.

Yes, CloneDVD can do that. You have to click on the scissors button: ).

Take a look at the manual (Select Title/s section) , it is well done. :slight_smile:


Oh ok, thx eltranquil. I didn’t realize it could be done + I’ve just started using CloneDVD2 not too long ago.

No problem, you are welcome! Have fun. :slight_smile: