Just want to watch my movies on Telivesion and share with friends

Help I am going in circles
I have movies I have dl from the internet. They are in various formats. Some are AVI, DivX and god knows what else. I have a VCD burner. I want to burn them (I use NERO) as VCDs so I can play them on my stand alone players. However, after nero encodes them they are too large for a 700 mb disc. I dl a program TMEGnc to cut them. It works fine on MPEG files, but most are not mpeg files. I tried to use a couple of conversion programs and ran into various problems. Now I am using TMEG to convert from AVI to MPEG but it seems to take 6 hours or more just for the conversion of one movie (my hard ware is OK–new pentium 4 2.4gig)
That is a long way around to ask my question. ;I am worn out after two weeks of trying to figure this out
Some one tells me that if I go and buy a DVD burner, My problems are over. Bang, Nero encodes to proper format-zing I burn with the DVD burner and presto I can go and play in my Stand alone player.
Is this true. If so I will be the new owner of a dvd burner today but I hate to buy one and find I just have new problems I con’t know how to solve.

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Help I am going in circles
I have movies I have dl from the internet.

It is illegal to download movies off the internet and burn them. What kind of movies are they.

It is illegal to download movies off the internet and burn them. What kind of movies are they

that depends where you live… but yes in most countries it is illegal

Boy I really wouldn’t want to do anything illegal. Various kinds. XXX, Hollywood releases training films.
What you say is however not necessarly true.
The entire issue of file sharing is in logn term litigation. It is not at this moment illegal to file share.
It is a grey area. It is not illegal to burn it is illegal to distribute and I live in Taiwan where ther is not litigation on points. It is legal to share and it is legal to burn and copy for personal use.
Thanks for your help?

Wish I could help out on the technical side, but I am afraid I cannot (other than poitning to search :wink: )

However, I can go into the legality of matters.
Burning downloaded movies is not necessarily illegal, it depends on the movie you downloaded.

If you downloaded copyrightfree movies (trailers, home made movies) it is perfectly legal to burn them. If you download commercial (read: copyrighted) movies, you are only allowed to burn them when you own the original.

I agree on the litegation part and the variety of laws around the globe, it is not ruled illegal in every country. However, this forum server is located in the Netherlands and thus governed by Dutch law. Next to that, we have a reputation (with visitors and sponsors…which we both need) of being legal.

Because of the above, we have decided that downloading and then burning copyrighted material (applies to movies and software) is not allowed on this forum. This is clearly stated in our rules and I expect all visitors (since you agree to these rules when signing up) to abide by these rules and prevent legal action against CD Freaks.

I admit this is a shady area sometimes, but we do have a fair policy and tend to go a long way of giving people the benefit of the doubt, but at some point there is a line we must draw and I believe you have just crossed it.

Please respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules, I hope that isn’t too much to ask.

If you don’t agree, feel free to send me a PM, but for now this thread is closed.