Just want to make sure of TY DVD-Rs

Hi. Does anyone know about these Taiyo Yuden-brand DVD-R discs shown here?: Rima.com’s Taiyo Yuden DVD-R selection

I’m in the US, and this looks like the place where I’ll get the best deal on this type of media. Secondly, since I’m using the discs in a 16x drive (Pioneer DVR-108), but my PC can’t keep up with the speed, is it OK to buy 8x discs and burn at or below 8x, like 4x or 2x, for example? (the lowest I’d go would be 2x, if I had to)

Finally, are these discs the best I can buy, hands down? If not, can I be pointed to them? I want to make the best buying decision. Thanks very much…

Rima is the best place to buy media online, based on reputation. TY is a top contender for the best media made. I would not get the 16X if you plan to burn at 8X as you will get a better burn with cheaper TY.

Get the 1736-100, it should be TYG02, and make sure your firmware is current.

Yes there real TY.

Yup, great discs they are the real deal and rima.com is excellent for customer service. Definitely a winning combo for premium quality TY. :wink:

Thanks very much. I’ll be getting the 8x variants soon.