Just want DVD copies of our old VHS tapes,



Hi guys, brought this model, the Sony RDR-VX 410 to copy our home VHS video tapes onto DVD, brought New DVD’s RW+ and simply want the to play on most units but mainly
to our stereo /DVD/CD brand-LG, model # FB162 and our computer -Gateway -W650l or even better -any future common computers or DVD players if possible.
We dubbed, then removed the VCR (VHS) tape and watched on the dub machine, but our computer nor our flash DVD player will not recognise it, any idea?:bow:?


Finalize the disk?


First of all, which brand of DVD+RW disks are you using? (I’m asking this because some brands use nothing but crap for rewritable media.)

Second, DVD+RW disks do not need finalization per se, but they need a DVD menu written onto the disk before it can be read by a standalone DVD player. Some DVD recorders do this automatically when the disk is ejected after recording; others need to have this menu manually created within the recorder’s menu settings.


Awesome ‘RJL65’, that sounds more helpful. Will give it a go over the next few days, cheers mate.