Just want a simple answer

well i’ve been reading this forum and a lot of other pages i found via google…
but it’s all one DAMN big jungle… and looking for one simple answer isn’t
the easiest thing-- it seems… :frowning:

so here goes… bear with me… (and my lame english)

i have a NEC3500A/G OEM drive i simply need the best(latest?)
rpc1 and riplock(speed)-removed firmware for burning on these medias

RITEKG04 =7%
RITEKG05 =80%
VERBATIM (various 4x and 8X SL) =10%
other crap medias =3%

the percentages is the spread of which media i burn to the most…
and it’s not so much about speed… i want the best possible burns…

hope someone can supply me with a version number and maybe even
a link to the firmware best suited for my needs

thnx A LOT in advance :bow:



I have two 3500’s and use firmwares 2.FC in one and 2.18btrpc1 in the other and both work equally well with the 2.18 having the bitsetting advantage with +RW media-

You can find them at:


Happy Burnin’


I use dee and liggy’s latest i find them to be the best, Here’s teh most recent.

  1. Big NEC FAQ.
  2. Follow the link that keytotime mentioned.