Just upgraded from to - Odd changes?

I decided to install the update to Nero to go with my new BenQ 1640 (BSHB) and noticed that while burns seem to go plenty fast and show no issues, the updated Nero CD-DVD SPeed 4.04 seems to give me a bit lower quality rating on burns to the same media with the same data.

I’m trying to figure out if this means that the burn is actually lower quality due to something that changed from to, or if the CD-DVD Disc Speed Quality test is simply more accurate, or perhaps less accurate?

The only software that I have been using to test the new drive has been Nero CD-DVD Speed, using the default tests on the BENCHMARK tab and DISK QUALITY tab. I don’t know of any other apps to really test the quality and don’t know if there should be any additional settings adjusted via the program menu.

Wondering if someone could help shed a little light on things for me.

Not sure if I should drop back down to or if I should stick with, or if I should be doing something different in the CD-DVD Speed app.

Any helpful assistance would be appreciated.