Just upgraded and..................Help please

hi folks…

i just replaced my processor fan coz bearings were bolloxed…

whilst it was open i replaced my IDE cables with some longer and round ones.

replaced my lite-on 24x for a lite-on 52x

i fitted a second hard drive 120 gb 7200

and i also fitted a new gfx card geforce 3 something or other…

after a few probs with the jumpers it booted up no problems.

i used partition magic 8 to create a partition on the new hard drive and to format it.

everything seemed to be running fine…

i then tried to back up a dvd using instantcopy 8 and when i came back in room pc had rebooted!!!

thought that was strange so i was writing an email and it rebooted again!!!

any ideas guys?

i realise now i maybe shouldn’t of done all that at once???

1 thing at a time?

i’m gonna switch back to my original gfx card and see how that goes if it reboots again?

ok done that:

just noticed dvddecrypter aint ripping as it used to do as well?

it usually rips at 2.0-2.1x in pioneer 104…but now its up and down like a yo-yo!!! 0.4-2.1x

i checked the DMA thingy and IDE 1 is set to DMA on device 0 and device 1

but IDE 2 i have set that to DMA and rebooted but it still says PIO mode in “current transfer mode” box

whats the best way to have drives set up on ide channels?


IDE 1: Master: 40gb hard drive 5400 (XP booting drive)
Slave: i think its my lite-on cdrw
IDE 2: Master: Pioneer 104
Slave: 120gb 7200 hard drive

does this look ok?

i am not 100% sure thats how they are layed out but pretty sure from memory (is there a way to check without taking sides of compy again?)

[b]Current status

ok so i did the gfx change and its not rebooted in an hour or so… [/b]

now its just a matter of sorting out the ripping speeds with dvddecrypter?

it would be impossible for me to have my hard drives on the ends as the leads would not be long enough m8

as i have it now they are both on the middle of the cables

will have to pop in to maplins this weekend i think GRRRRRR

the way i had it before was…i think…

primary IDE: motherboard straight to hard drive (only a 2 plugged cable::no middle plug)

Secondary IDE: mother board to cdrw (middle plug on cable) then to pioneer dvdrw.

damn these infernal machines

all of this is from a conversation with a m8…i just wondered if anyone else can help me with this prob?


Glad to see that you got the rebooting problem taken care of.

Now for the Ripping.

This is how you should configure your hardware (with minimal changes) :

Primary Master - 40gb hard drive 5400 (XP booting drive)
Primary Slave - 120gb 7200 hard drive
Secondary Master - Pioneer 104
Secondary Slave - Lite-On CD-RW

This is how I would configure it:

Primary Master - 120gb 7200 hard drive (XP booting drive)
Primary Slave - 40gb hard drive 5400
Secondary Master - Pioneer 104
Secondary Slave - Lite-On CD-RW

I would configure it this way because you would get the best performance this way.

Reguardless which of these ways you decide to use, make sure that the DVD drive is not on the same channel as the drive that you are ripping the data to, or else you will have low performance. They need to be on opposite channels.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: