Just trying to Understand cause I just, ISO

I am glad I found this web site, cause right now I am so bugged out on learning about CD,-R,-RW,DVD,-R,RW well it not about them it, really on the CD and DVD file system formats. And I read some where that they are coming out with a DVD that can read/write 2 layers a Pionnerr 106 or something does it, its a machine not a drive that just copies DVD and I think CDs but you guys may already have this. I just have a whole lot of questions. Well let me stop delaying a hit you with it.

  1. How many different file systems are there for CDs and DVDs. Cause all I can think of is ISO and all is extentions (DA, level 1, level 2 (which I think is just for the naming of files),Mode 1,2 and XA mode 2, XA mode 2 form 1 and XA mode 2 form 2, Joliet, Rock Ridgeand (which is another version of), High Sierra ,the ISO 9660, 13346 (which are not extentions) next is UDF and its different versions (1.2, 1.50, 2.01) with Video CD, Super Video CD, CD-ROM Boot, CD extra, CD-ROM Hybrid, CD-ROM UDF/ISO well thats all I can figure (well its mostly from Nero 5.5 which I am trying to learn all about.)

  2. For the CD-ROM <-Video CD, Super Video CD, exta, Hybrid-> are they just different extentions of ISO and UDF. For instance is the CD-ROM Boot version just another way of saying, its really made as a ISO 9660 with the XA Mode 2 form 2. I know thats not right but thats just an example.

  3. Is the ISO file system just for writing images as in “the file itself” is not transfered to the CD, its just a "picture"of it so that multipule OSs can read it. And all the Different extensions of it are they just for storeing more data on the CD and for longer names or is there more behind it.

  4. UDF, it has 4 or 5 versions (1.2 1.250) what are they for, are they different ways of writing to DVD and CD. if they are what are the different ways. Please decribe them in a basic way just so I can get an understanding for them.

  5. What was or is the High Sierra file system used for.

  6. CDF, is it just another form of UDF and is it still wrote with in Nero 5.5

  7. What the difference between mastering and packet writing.

  8. All the file systems I named off at the top, can they both do mastering and packet writing or do some do packet writing and others do mastering.

  9. This is some what of a repeat of my first question but not. How may extension to the ISO are there.

If you can answer some or all of these thank a whole bunch oh yea don’t send me the the ISO.org for udf answers cause it too too technical.

hehe, this aint “Twenty Questions”, my friend.

CD http://www.cdrfaq.org/
DVD http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html

Some of your questions can only be understood after much reading and study and sometimes a perusal of the coloured book standards.

Members like Truman, spath, LIGHTNING UK! and others have devoted LOTS of valuable time to this and they can help where they will but if people feel that you can discover it yourself, they’ll certainly tell you.

>What the difference between mastering and packet writing.

That question is so easily answered it’s not funny. But, hey, welcome to the CD Freaks :slight_smile:

Originally posted by FutureProof
That question is so easily answered it’s not funny. But, hey, welcome to the CD Freaks:)

Yes, welcome very much to CD Freaks…:wink: