Just trying to burn my DVDs and having problems

I am using a MadDog 16X internal burning running Win XP with Nero Express. I have obviously run into the problem of copy protection. I have done some searching on this site and have found some information on AnyDVD and CloneDVD. I have never heard of these products but I am willing to learn. I also was reading about 123CopyDVD. I am just trying to find the easiest DVD burning software that will allow me to back up my DVD collection before they get scratched. I am looking for the easiest to use. Can anyone suggest such software? Thanks.

For this purpose, the only two programs you need are DVD Decrypter and DVDShrink.

If you are using DL media, then you don’t need DVDShrink.

Where do I go to download these programs? You would suggest DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. What is the difference between these and AnyDVD and CloneDVD? Withe DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink do I still use Nero? DO they run in the background or something? I am assuming that I can use DVD Shrink if I am trying to fit a DL movie onto one disk? I will do some research on DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink while waiting for your reply. Thanks for the help.

Actually I just downloaded DVD Decrypter and am more confused now than before. It appears that software makes me put it on my hard drive then transfer it? Does that sound right? I was looking for software that I can just click to copy the DVD but yet bypass the copy protection. Is there such a thing?

try my dvd shrink guide :slight_smile:

The simple way of 1-click copying is to use AnyDVD which is an app that removes most copy protections from an inserted DVD. With this in place you should be able to simply insert your original DVD into the DVD-ROM and a blank DVD-/+R into your burner and do a disc to disc copy. The one complication will be the size of the original DVD. If its greater than 4.3gb then you either have to use a Dual Layer DVD+r or shrink it down with DVD Shrink - which is a remarkably simple program to use. Sometimes you’ll find that it is necessary to put a bit of effort into achieving your desired results as the 1-click approach is not always practical.
The DVD Decrypter/Shrink approach mentioned by G)-(osters is not exactly complicated or arduous.

I will agree with you that it probably isn’t hard to use DVD Decrypter but when I was trying it last night it was taking around 50 minutes just to transfer the information to my hard drive. I will review the guide from the poster above and see where that takes me. I read many of these posts and some of them I just don’t understand what people are talking about. I see “ISO” being thrown around but have no idea what that even means. I am the newbie of newbies. Thanks guys.

There are several diffrent programs that can do what you want. There is no one best solution as they all have thier advantages and disadvantages.
To answer your first question, copy guard, there are three main programs to deal with it, anydvd, dvd decryptor and smart ripper. This is of course not everything needed to copy, but this is the first stage where you remove copy protection. Dvd decryptor and smart ripper are both free and rip (copy) the dvd to your hard drive. A folder on your hard drive basically becomes the equivalent of the dvd. In the process they remove the copy guard. Any dvd is not free but does not require it to be ripped to the hard drive (it runs in the background and disables the copy guard). You can copy directly from a dvd to a blank dvd with anydvd (most programs are still going to copy to the hard drive but it is not an extra program/step for you to have to worry about). You can use diffrent combinations of these programs. For instance (someone corect me if I am wrong here), you could have anydvd running in the background and use dvdshrink (skipping dvd decryptor because you are using anydvd). If it is taking you 50 minutes to rip using dvd decryptor it is probably your drives fault. I gather that you are using the maddog only (you don’t have a seperate dvd-rom for reading). There are two main options to improve this. Your drive limits how fast you can read a dvd-9. This is very possibly the manufactures way of trying to prevent you from copying movies. It doesn’t stop you but it slows the process down to frustrate you (I guess that they hope you will give up). You can either used hacked firmware that removes the riplock (you are going to want to update your firmware anyway so check into this). Go to the recording hardware forum and then to the nec forum (your mad dog should be an nec3500). You can find info on firmware there. The other option is to get a high speed dvd-rom and use it to read. You can get one for not much more than 30$. Here is a thread that talks about two of them
I am assuming that you are wanting to backup purchased movies. It will therefor often be the case that you will have to compress the movie to get it to fit on a single layer dvd blank (because dual layer blanks are still way to expensive). clone dvd, dvd shrink, nero etc. all perform the same function here. You do not need all these programs, you only need one. dvd shrink seems to be the most popular free one. I prefer nero. If you have nero ver 6.??? then you can get free updates. With the exception of copy guard nero 6.??? can do the entire process from start to finish. Try dvd shrink (after all, its free) and nero if you have a new enough ver and see which you like. You can try clone dvd and others if you like but since they cost money, you might as well try what you have and or what is free.
If that confused you, use one of these programs (any dvd, dvd decryptor, smart ripper) and one of these (nero, dvd shrink, clonedvd etc). You can use any one program from the first group with any one program from the second group.
I personally highly recomend anydvd and nero.
Here is a guide for nero
It is very easy to use. If you just want to make an exact copy, you can skip steps 5 and 6 in this guide (they tell you how to remove content) except for the las step in 6 which is just clicking next.

Thanks for all the info. I will have to try and see what happens.

If you don’t get it figured out, just ask and I or someone else can try to help. Fyi, rereading my post I may have implied that it isn’t good because of the riplock. Thats far from the truth. The maddog (nec3500) is considered an exelent burner. They are far from the only people using riplocks. They are easy to get past with hacked firmwares.

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I have successfully copied 2 movies so far. I have used DVD Shrink and the free copy of Nero that came with the burner. It took almost a hour but it did work. I started up DVD Shrink and it goes though encoding I believe it was called and then when that is done, usually about 30-40 minutes, it then burns it at a rate of 4X. But of course I am only using Sony DVD-R 4X anyways. I knew my burner was the Nec 3500 but I have to figure out how to flash it to that as I have read that the NEC drivers are always a couple steps ahead of MadDog. I have updated the drivers on MadDog’s website already. I am on my way but just wasn’t sure that I was doing things properly. I didn’t use DVD Encryption basically because I didn’t really understand what I was looking at. I found DVD Shrink to be easier but I will fiddle with both before I go any buy AnyDVD. I have to compress a movie a little bit as it is a bit over 2 hours so I will have to figure that out too. I know that I can remove stuff so I might play around with that a little. Again, thanks for all the information it was very usefully.