Just try another disc

I’m kinda chuckling reading the posts here . . .

One recurring problem I keep reading is that “I can’t get the XYZ DVD to copy. The disc is new and undamaged so it MUST be the software”.

9 times out of 10 it’s not the software, it’s the disc. I’ve seen it a couple times myself - in fact just last night. I bought the Band of Brothers series and was backing it up. Discs 1-4 worked fine, disc 5 would hang at 8% during the audio selection screen. Disc was perfect (new) but no go.

My brother also bought the series so I trotted over and borrowed his disc 5. Guess what? It duped just fine!

I have a series of discs with old Jack Benny TV shows on them and one of them wont read in my LiteOn 166s nor my LiteOn 451@832, but it will read fine in my BenQ 1620 (what’s even more interesting is that those discs have NO copy protection on them!).

Fact is that just because it’s new doesn’t make it good, even if it looks good. Some discs just have some microscopic bug on them or something.

Before posting a note for help you might just want to try another disc . . .

If you’re sure it’s the disc then check slysoft’s web site and see if you are using the most current AnyDVD. If not then download the new version.

If that doesn’t fix it then scan the forum before posting - there’s probably already a thread going on it.

If none of the above does it THEN it’s time to start a new thread!

Anyway, just my two cents . . .


Hear, hear!