Just stopped playing DL

I have had a Pioneer DV-563 player for 4 years. Been burning DL DVD’s with DVD Cloner for a couple over a year and playing in the 563 without an issue.

Now - they will not. Using same DVD’s… Switched to a new brand… They work just fine on my Bose player. When I put the DVD in the Pioneer the display simply says No Disk.

If I burn a non-DL of the same movie and put in the drive, it works fine…

Any ideas? Why would it just stop play DL and still work for others. BTW - it plays original DVDs perfect.


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Most of times this is due to a bad burned disc, and most of times this is due to a low quality disc.

Too bad, only Verbatim produces reliable DL media; all other brands have a huge variability from barely decent to ugly.

Moreover, -R DL discs have a very low compatibility so that’s better to use +R DL discs changing the booktype in ROM to further improve compatibility with standalones. Most burners automatically change the booktype into ROM for +R DL media.

Thats just the thing… I did my research on this board when I first had the issue. So I went out and purchased brand new Verbatim DVD+R DL disks. Just to triple check - I just went a burned another with a brand new burner… Still it in the Pioneer and get “no disk”… Anyone for another coaster??