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Well got my burner liteon 40x yesterday, i should mention it is very good, it does not even produce the amount of noise the 24x did at full speed burning Vs max speed burning of the 40 x. I live in Aus and have yet to find 32x media let alone 40x, so i wrote a couple of discs at 24x and guess what? It took roughly 30-40sec less time than my 24x at the same speed, now how is this possible anyone can explain. oh firmware version ZS08


Maybe the 40125S is more efficient writing Leadin/leadout…

You know you can disable the media check and write at whatever speed you want right?
To do so, go in under the ‘recorder’-tab in Nero…


i did not have to uncheck smartburn(i checked that it is on) but i prefer burning that specified speed as on the media, by the way it allows me anyway to burn imation and tdk cd-r’s to be burnt at 40x on these 24x certified media with smart burn enabled. The question is should i upgrade to new firmware? Zs0a


Upgrading never hurts…
Well sometimes, but not often… :slight_smile:

Havn’t heard anything bad about the new 40x firmware so I guess it’t risk-free…


Firmware upgrade to LTR-40125S was fine for me.

I’m not sure how SmartBurn works, but it is possible that the drive stepped up to beyond 24x for the write if you specified MAX as the burn speed. Some blank disks do not specify their speed rating in ATIP, so the drive must have some other way of determining the max write speed.

It is possible that this particular blank was capable of being written to at 32x or more.