Just something odd I've noticed

Seems that lately new in the box 712A drives have been showing up on ebay. I’d be tempted if any of them were TLA #0000 drives made in Japan :bigsmile:

You can get help for that nowadays, Two Degrees.
Burner Acquisition Syndrome is a recognized disorder in the DSM-V, and they have wonderful drugs with only minimal side effects.

The main warning sign is when you have to buy more computers to plug the burners into. Or have Dell on your SpeedDial.

Probably somebody’s overstock. Too bad they’ve now exceeded their shelf life…

I can sorta see where Two Degrees is coming from, though, as I still regard my 712 as my premier ODD. If I had to give one up, I’d give up my BenQ1640. For one thing, the 712 likes a wider variety of media…

I hear him too. Even though my 712 has a dead cd laser and cannot read cds anymore. I would rather keep it than trade it for a 755 or 760. Burn times arn’t really a factor for me and I don’t burn DL disks because of the media price and compatablity problems. The 712 overburns +R media while the new drives don’t. Also, from what I have seen, I like the burn quality of my 712 more, although I have not seen too many 8x or 12x burns on the new drives. I assume the quality on these burns would be better than @ 16x or 18x.