Just sold my 401S



But now i don’t know what buy :

The 1213S is tempting, but i’m also in for DL burning when media prices drop. Any chance there will be a mod for DL burning for the 1213S in due course?

I also considered a NEC2510, but the Lite-On will be my only burner, and i do backup original games now and then.


Get the 812S and flash it to an 832S. The 1213S is not highly regarded and still needs some work in terms of firmware.


I would just get the 832s if the price difference for the 812s and 832s isn’t much. You might want to keep looking around since new 16x drives are coming out soon and some I think might already be available. If they are not out, it might be worth the wait. It would be a good idea to wait for some reviews on 16x drives to give you a better idea on wich to choose from. Some will be dl writing capable some will not.


Thanks. Have been busy reading about the 1213S and it’s problems, but as Code65536 said, it’s a drive with great potential. Maybe i’ll wait a while. Any news on a 1613S or 1633S?


From my source, the date seems far away, maybe two weeks later, but it could be sooner than that, especially depending on the OEM source and region.


Seems like a lot of new drives coming out in August. Out of curiousity, how much does a 401S drive go for?


I sold my 401S@411S (the guy who bought it knew it was modded and that it had burned about 200 DVD’s) for 45 euro. I also threw in 5 empty discs. Three hours after i posted the ad, it was sold. I asked 45 euro and got that instantly. Here in Holland the cheapest new drive will cost around 70 euro (NEC 2500 oem).


I can have a new 411S for that price. Does that 70 Euro for new drive include tax? Why are things that expensive in the mother country of Philips?


That includes tax (19%), yes. Why these things are expensive here i don’t know, maybe high taxes, shipping costs, etc.


It sounds like you got the better end of that deal. I’m a little surprised at the price, but good for you.




Things are often more expensive where they’re manufactured. I have friends in Japan that routinely have me send electronics over to them, even though it’s all manufactured over there.

The exchange students from Finland stocked up on Finlandia vodka… even though they live a MILE from the bottling plant.

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What problems? - Have it here but dont face any problems yet…
I find it a solid piece of hardware :iagree:


Have you tried 12x? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, are there any 12x certified media on the market yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why does this rule out the NEC?


When it comes to backing up discs with various protections, nothing can beat Lite-on. Show me a review proving the opposite.

Just compare these two pages :

812S :

2500 :