Just scanned my disc, good or not? (Verbatim)

Hi, just did my first scan but not sure if its good or not. Also why can’t I get any id info? I know its a Verbatim, but why doesn’t it say so?

This is 52x Verbatim Inkjet printable cd-r. 50 disc for $8.99 so I got one. :slight_smile:


Burned the disc at 4x, is it okay if i put speed at 8x? or should i put same to 4x.

Funion, perhaps if you click on the “Disc Info” tab with the cd-r in there, it should tell you something concrete. Look under the “ATIP” to see what it is.

It used to be that the older burners/media did require people to hit what’s called a “sweet spot” on each burner, usually 2 speeds down from the media’s max speed. However, I would not necessarily assume that on 52x media, although you could be on the safe side and burn it one speed down from your max speed (48x). Then you could scan it and ONLY if you find moving it down one more speed gives you lower C1, then I would stay with the faster speed, because the dyes 'expect" a certain speed, and you risk getting worse results burning it too slowly (for example, if you burned a 16x-rated DVD blank at 4x), compared to burning it at its rated speed, or just slightly under it. Some DVD mids rated at 16x do burn with better results at slightly slower speeds (12x), while other 16x mids on certain burners do just as well as 16x. :wink:

I personally tend to burn data @ 32x, and audio @ 16x.

But everyone has their preference! :slight_smile:

Well, I still have older CD-r stock around, some 16x and some 32x that I will burn two speeds down (16x at 8x and 32x at 24x), but once I get to my TY CD-R, I’ll burn those at the 48x, because I’ve read here they will “accept” the 48x with no problem. I want to name some names of CDFreaks that stated the same thing, but the problem is, I can’t remember them right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was told at 3 different shops that when the 16x-24x CD-r stock was around that I should burn it two speeds lower for “a deeper burn,” ca. 2001-2002. I can also understand that preference for audio, since it used to be on older cd-r stock (IIRC) that one could sometimes get skipping in the songs if one burned too fast and didn’t slow up, because it was older media. I’ve had that happen to me on older media, too

Ahhh, gotcha :)…all my CDRs are 52x I think…can’t remember when I posessed anything slower :eek:

About the audio…yeah, funnily enough, I was posting to a thread today in the Newbie Forum where slowing up helped a member with his skipping problem. :slight_smile:

That;s what I mean though - speed-wise, everyone has a preference :slight_smile:


Again - I agree with you on this issue - 32x for data and 16x for audio - even with the new 48x to 52x medias (btw the 32x data came right from Taiyo Yudens website last year - the 16x audio from a large number of fellow freaks over the past two years) I have followed this for all my burns - and have never thrown a coaster over the last 250 or so CD-R’s - and the time difference is very small-eh!

thanks for the replies will keep that in mind. but hows the quality of the disc i scanned?

In my opinion, it is not that good. But I don’t know, how good is your drive as a scanner. For CD media, it is the standard here to scan at higher speeds (often Maximum). I scan my CD media @40x.