Just saying Howdy... New to this forum

Hi all… Found myself here because I bought a used DD-A1100 DVD RW and every blank disc I put in meets with an ‘invalid disc’ response… Appears all other features works well including some DVDs which I have been able to play, others respond with a ‘no disc’ reply…

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


Hi Haribo welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

I’ve moved your thread to our Newbie forum, where hopefully you’ll get some help.

To start with, have you got any virtual drive software on your PC - Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools or anything like that?

Edit: apart from that, can you give us a bit more detail? Is the problem with just blank DVD media?

[B][B]Arachne[/B]… Thank you for your response… I apologize for posting in the wrong section.

As you quite rightly identified, this problem occurs when a blank DVD -R disc is inserted in the recorder.

I have been able to set up all the features in the setup option and have been able to watch a couple of pre-recorded DVDs, but can’t record anything to my blank discs.

I really hope that I can get some help… Kindest Regards

Could be some software causing it, so let’s see if we can rule that in or out first…as I asked above, do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools on your PC?

No problem at all about posting in the other section, BTW :slight_smile:

Also, Google is showing me nothing for the drive model…do you know who makes it?

Hi again… It’s a LiteOn DD-A110 recorder, connected to my TV via my Satellite box. All visual connections work, switching from TV, Scart, Front AV etc… The only problem is the one I described above and I am worrying that I have bought a dud recorder.

Thanks again for your help.

EDIT: There are no software involved as I don’t connect via my PC.

Oh, it’s a standalone! Sorry, I was thinking PC burners :doh:

Hmmm…what’s it like with burned discs or commercial titles?

Commercial titles seem fine, but won’t read some of the copies that I have.

Hmmm, could be a media problem. What brands are the discs that won’t read?

Do you have a DVD drive in your PC?

I think I know where you going with this… I have tried the DVDs on my PC and they do work there fine. I have 3 types… Imation, Digimate and RTVision. None of these have worked.