Just rip .VOB files to Hard drive



Hey everyone,

I was wondering if there where any free tools that ONLY rips .vob files to a hard drive.

It must be able to beat all forms of encryption/protection!

I have something that I’d like to use to convert the .VOB files, but nothing to rip them to my hard drive!

(I have dvdfab with the mobile option. Can I use DVDFAB to rip and save them to my hard drive? The closest thing I have found to this in DVDFAB are the temp files stored in my documents, but those aren’t the full .VOB files.)

All help is appreciated,


Nevermind, I have found my answer. (DVD Decrypter)
It would be appreciated if one of the mods would close this thread.


here is a thread for DVDfab about the video pass through setting http://club.cdfreaks.com/f116/problem-vob-files-260207/