Just recieved my new 1620pro

hi all, i have just recieved my first benq drive ever. i have always bought liteOn before but after hearing all the good things about benQ i decided to bite the bullet and get one. i was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on raising my quality score in cd-dvd speed. my system is as follows:
athalon xp 2400
512 corsair 2700
asus a7v880
radeon 9700pro aiw
benq 1620 pro b7v9
liteOn ltr 48125w vs06
vantech 550 psu
my dma settings are correct, and as far as i know the only aspi drivers i have installed are the ones that install when nero does.

here is a scan of a ty02+r burnt @16x (disc is rated at 8x) booktype set to dvd-rom.

if anyone could lend their expertise it would be appreaciated. thanks guys and gals,

and here is the same file on the same media burnt @8x:

needless to say these scans are not where i would like them.

Chasey Lain, eh? :wink:

Your second scan is quite poor.

Most people would consider the following good burns

QS: 90+%
Max PIF: 16
Max PIE: 280
Jitter: 9-11%

(Someone correct me/elaborate if necessary.)

  • Jie

Max PIE <= 100
Max PIF <= 4
Max Jitter <= 12%


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whoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :bigsmile:

official standard is PIE<280 but Freaks’ standard is PIE<100.

PIF on a BenQ 1620 is PIF<16 (why? ask BenQ owners).

ideally jitter<8% but up to 12% is acceptable.

I like her too. The 2nd scan is not so bad except for the spike at the end. Could try B7T9 and see if things improve.

Those are great scans - until the end. It’s possibly the media. To rule out your drive, have you tried a completely different batch of Yuden or another MID that doesn’t spike at the end (MCC, Infome…)?

Some of what I’ve read indicates a few PIF spikes like yours are nothing to worry about. However, being the Benq perfectionist I am, I don’t like them on my system either. :slight_smile:

Without the last 200~300MB at the end, it could have been rated as a good burn. It’s weird you see it even at 8x burn. In my experience lowering burning speed really helps to reduce the end errors.

there’s really nothing wrong with that burn save for the PIF spike at the end and the jitter spike near the beginning (which should both easily be handled by just about any drive). run a read transfer rate and fast forward through it on a stand-alone and you’ll see. unless you have a REALLY finnicky/sensitive drive, there should be absolutely no problem watching your pr0n…uhh movie…on any drive.

cool i appreacate it guys. and as far as the name of the files go…umm…its my wifes…yeah, my wifes.:wink:

ok guys i finally got a few burns im happy with. at these settings my burns are between 94 and 97%. tyo2 8x media burnt @ 8x, with firmware ver. b7T9.

ok guys, i have gotten my burns where i like them but im having a new problem. my drive wont recognize my ritek g04 mini’s. anyone else having a similar problem? anyone have any idea how to remedy this? thanks,

ok, my problems just got worse. my drive will now not recognize any -r media i have. i have some cmc, ritek, prodisc, and mcc blanks, as well as who knows how many burnt dvd’s. if i use dvd identifier, i get the error: unsupported medium detected, if it already burnt, if it is a blank i get the error: unable to initalize disc, media not present. this happens with all my -r media. all my +r media is recognized right away. if i try to burn in nero it will do +r no problem, but dosent even see the -r. windows sees both + and - no prob. i have tried various firmware versions to no avail. any input appreaciated. thanks,

well i decided to try and burn a cd and guess what, the driive wont detect any cd-r media either. i guess im going to have to get an rma on it. the only bad thing is, i got it from newegg and when i went to their site to fill out for an rma i noticed that it says: “this item is warrantied through the manufacturer only”, so now i guess im going to have to contact benq.

has anyone else been in this position? im wondering how much of a pain its going to be, and how long it will take to recieve my drive. like always i appreciate any input guys. thanks,

Before you run out and get a new drive I would try restarting your computer and trying again. I get that sometimes with any of my burners and it’s normaly something in Windows and after a restart everything works again. You may also wan’t to try disabling/setting to manual: IMAPI CD-Burning in Administrative tools/ services. Worth a try. :slight_smile:

i have tried restarting the pc, i even went as far as to uninstall and reinstall it (to let windows “see” the drive agian, but had no luck. i havent tried messing with the IMAPI settings though. im at work right now, but i’ll give that a try a.s.a.p. thanks,

There is a well know documented problem with BenQ that don’t recognize - media that sometimes this has been fixed with a more powerful power supply. You got a weak power supply? You might try putting it in a different PC and see what happens. Seriously this could be a sign of a weak power supply.


It’s worth checking with Newegg on a replacement unit. I recently purchased a D-Link wireless router that was defective. It also says “warranted by manufacturer”. However, you have 30 days to get the defective merchandise replaced by the merchant. After that, you have to deal with the manufactuer. Newegg replaced the router (the replacement was also defective), so I got my money back.


i appreciate the input guys. i will try the unit in another pc as soon as i get home from work. i doubt its the psu though, its a vantech 550 and i’ve never had any trouble from it. as i just recieved the drive on friday, i hope newegg will let me exchange it. if so i might just be going with a different brand drive (LG). after seeing alot of complaints on this site, im wondering if i made the right choice in manufacturers. anyway, thanks for your replies.