Just recieved My Lite On and

Just recieved my Lite On and plan to install it later tonight or tomorrow … going to refomate my drive.

Question I have, the Nero CD that came with it says “This software will only work with the CD-Recorder it came with.”
Is that possible? I also have a Plex installed.


The bundled Nero will only work with LiteOn drives. If you already have retail nero, just be sure it’s updated and it’ll work fine. If it’s a Plextor bundled version, it may not work with the LiteOn.

Thanks … never heard of such a thing … but then again I have not replaced a burner for five years or so. I do have my retail version of Nero … so I should be set to go.

I’m sure to re-read many threads here to get good back-ups of my latest games. I’ve lost so many CDs in the past due to my kids scratching them … price of the burners will pay for it self in no time.

Thanks again,

When i tried to install that software (i got a plexy and litey in one pc as well) and run it , it just told me i had no writers at all :frowning: