Just received pioneer bdr-203bk oem from newegg havin a issue

well, got the new OEM pioneer bdr-203bk drive from newegg overnight shipping, got it hooked up via SATA to intel ich10r controller on a gigabyte ep-p45-ud3r motherboard using winxp sp 3…

ripped my first blu ray average 20 minutes for full 25gb pressed commercial disc(the file space total on it was 22gb) im guessing it got up to 8x speed and beyond anydvdhd newest beta version reported a read speed max of 19.54mbps which comparing that number to a 16x burn on a dvd write its almost 16x speed. my samsung s-203n with riplock removed can rip dual layer in 12-14 minutes so ripping a blu ray in 20 mins i assume is good!!! :slight_smile:

now on to the issue that bugs me, the drive is working and did record a 2x bluray bd-r 25gb in 41 mins and 44 seconds. the specs everywhere on the net and the instructions that come with it state dvd-rom pressed dual layer read at 12x speed and dvd-r dual layer and dvd+r dual layer at 12x speed accept for burns at 8x speed…

I tried a couple of pressed dvd-rom commercial movies using anydvd newest, dvdfab newest and nero cd speed and i cant get higher than 8x read speed on commercial dvd-rom dual layer discs… so then i tried my own backup dvd-r dl and it wouldnt read higher than 8x… So im guessing this drive is riplocked for dual layer reads from dvd-rom and dvd-r and dvd+r dl… which kinda pisses me off since i payed 249 buxs for this thing.

funny thing is a pressed dvd-rom commercial of a single layer dvd read at 16x which is stated in specs and dvd -r at 16x. so why would they just riplock the dual layer functions?

any ideas anyone? came with firmware version 1.05 and there isnt any new firmwares out yet since its such a new drive… how do i get ahold of pioneer japan?

blu ray ripping is fast cant beleive that… anyone have any links to a full or partial review from other people or sites of the bdr-203bk? I want to compare

could my drive be bad? i mean everything is reading and writing fine just speeds for dual layer are not at spec. other than that reads blu ray nicely, plays them nicely… now if i can only figure out how to make a blu ray burn compatible not only with my samsung bd-p1500 drive but also at same time compatible with powerdvd8 and other players, to get it to work with the samsung home entertainment players you have to erase the AUXDATA folder in blue ray directory tree for it to play on samsung. when you do this powerdvd 8 wont play it nor I guess ps3’s and other players although when the AUXDATA folder is present on pressed commercial blu ray disc samsung plays it fine but the standard in the firmware does not want the AUXDATA folder present on dvd-r blu ray format dvd+r, and bd-r and so forth…

anyhow thats my pre mini review so far. still playin with it…

I figured out my issue… I guess winxp already had some in-compatible setting stored in registry that was making it so the pioneer blu ray bdr-203bk drive would not read past 8x speed for pressed dvd-rom dual layer or dvd-r and dvd+r dual layer. so I played with nero drivespeed 3.06 which does not detect the correct speeds for the drive, so on main screen of program I clicked the fast button, then went to detect speeds which brought up the other screen then i hit detect again and it still didnt show read speeds for disc inside so i just picked max then with it minimized went and loaded up nero infotool newest and it want to have me put disc in to drive to detect speeds, at time i had a dvd+r dl 8x burned disc with data and it said it couldnt detect it so i skipped test and went into there and it showed 12x read speed. so closed that and used nero cd speed and reads now start at 5x instead of 3x and get up to 12x speeds!

currently testing ripping using dvdfab and pirates of caribbean 2 commercial disney dvd disc 1(movie) dual layer dvd-rom and its now going faster as fast as my samsung sh-s203n drive that rips at 12x speeds…
dvdfab got up to max speed at 14mbps read then after 50% drops back down to 5.6mbps read at end of rip took a total time of 14 min and 23 seconds for 7.63gb filesize reported from nero for the dvd-rom dual layer disc!

nice drive, expensive but at least most features are on par with my samsung drive for normal dvd single and dual layer… just need my cakes of bd-r discs…
and figuring out how to make bd-r compatible not only with my reader but others as well and powerdvd8 all at same time…

in other words thank goodness. now i know its working properly and it is not a bum drive yet :wink:


thanks for the “review”. Does it become louder after you increase the speed?

it does become louder ripping a dvd-r dual layer disc at 12x speed quieter though than the samsung sh-203n ripping at 12x speed. also this guy on a japanese site someone else linked to here said there is a bug where 16x and 12 burns on certain dvd-r fail write away. I havent had that issue with same firmware he had when he first tested, although dvd burns arent smooth, it will be smooth up to a point while burning then drop off then begin again… although i used the samsung drive to scan em and the scans come out fine… there is firmware updates this japanese dude got ahold of and im still trying to find the source of the firmware updates. i tried to find an email address linked to this guy but cant find one on his site. heres link use babelfish to transalate from jap to your perferred language…


what’s a riplock

[B]Riplock[/B] is a feature of newer computer DVD drives that slows the drive transfer rate when reading DVD video data, typically to 2x-4x on drives that otherwise (as of mid-2005) could read at 8x or 16x. This feature reduces the amount of noise when the drive is playing a DVD by providing the lowest rotational speed that allows for adequate data transfer from the DVD to the computer. This slow speed and low data rate makes it less convenient to rip large DVD video collections to a computer. On some riplock-equipped drives, the riplock feature can be removed by firmware reflashing here [1] (referred to as “increase read speed,” “read speed patch,” or “riplock patch”). The riplock feature can also be disabled on some drives by pressing the eject button for three seconds without any disc inserted.
LiteON<sup>®</sup> calls the riplock feature SMART-X<sup>©</sup>.


since this drive max. speed on DVD+R is 8x, I would just use 2 different drive. I would keep my 16X DVD+R drive and use that for burning or reading 16X DVD, and use the blu ray drive for blu ray only

Here’s a good comparison of the:

[B]Pioneer BDR-203BK [/B](read speed results)

[B]Sony BWU-300S [/B](read speed results)

To sum up the reviewer’s findings (I am only interested in BD-ROM SL/DL read speeds so that is what I included below - however, the reviewer lists tests results for virtually every type of media).

[B]Test / Pioneer BDR-203BK / Sony BWU-300S[/B]
BD-ROM-SL Read Speed / 5.91x / 6.97x
BD-ROM-DL Read Speed / 5.99x / 7.06x