Just received dvr-111d it is geat



Just received my new dvr-11d and flashed it to 1.6 firmware so it will wirte dvd-roms. I have burnt two dvd-r disk one prodisc 8x and another Taiyo Yuden 8X at 12x speed without any problems could not do this with my 109. Got the firmware from Dangerous Brothers and flashed without problems.


Hi Got Advd Recorder But Cant Play Disks On Pc Can You Help ?? John


Do You Know A Free Software To Download For This


I’m a bit underwhelmed with mine tbh I was hoping for something better than a slightly improved 109. It takes an awful long time to close 16x CAV writing, seems like almost 60secs and is there an actual application of PCAV 8x/12x? in the case of the 109 this was supposed for certain 16x media, almost pointless when other drives can do this on 8x/12x media.


[B]DVD-ROM still means: Read ONLY Memory![/B]
No one ever will be able to WRITE DVD-ROM, they can only be pressed.


VLC tool / VideoLanClient is good and FREE.


sorry I meant DVD-RAM


I’ve been playing with this burner for about a week now. From the scans I did burning 8x Ty at 8x gives excellent scans. It even allows at 12x so even though I never burn dvds that fast it still gives very good results. I used to burn everything at 4x but when I tried this with the 111d the PIE errors were very high. Anyone else get similar results? I’m going to see how it does on Verb DL media burned at 4x today.


Burning slow don´t mean the quality will be better. IMHO the best choice is to burn the media at their rated speed.


Most of the time I burn the 8x media at 8x but I just had to see if the burner would burn them at 12x and it did. I agree it is best to burn at the rated speed.