Just purchased Sony DL discs... (pic inside) ----->



They are… Sony DVD+R DL RW 8.5GB


They are white in pearl white in color with Green DL inbedded.

So far so good. I backed up Crank last night for the first try and used DVDclone2 It took a total run time of 29min and 32sec. I was using an LG superwriter/lightscribe. I was actually impressed because it burned very fast it seemed, yet only half the disc had content burned on it and i shouldve added all the features to really see the capabilities of the discs. The best part is, i purchased them at staples for $29.99 (on sale) from $70 for a 25 pack.

Has anyone else had any experience with Sony DL discs? I searched many sites and cant find them anywhere.

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My Staples does not have them.


i dont understand why they had them. I cannot find them on any retail sites, tigerdirect ect ect they are not even on Sony’s website which makes me think they are extremely new and unheard of, or extremely junk and no one wants them so they immediately discontinued them… hoping its number 1… not to many places sell DL discs around here, so i guess you can say i lucked out…

I forgot to mention in the earlier post, but the quality seemed to be awesome…


They are either made in Verbatim’s plant in Singapore (the best), or in Taiwan by Ritek :Z . Check the blue outer label for the “Made In *******”.


When I went to staples on Sunday for some Sony DVD+R 25 pack MIJ discs I found one spindle of the DVD+R DL from Sony. It was Made in Taiwan. I went to Best Buy and bought the Verbatim Made In Singapore discs instead that were on sale.


Sony DL media is not unheard of, or rare by any means. I’m not sure why you’ve never seen them before, but it you’re in the US they’re sold at pretty much any major retailer.

There’s a been a few sightings of Made in Singapore media (MKM 001 media code), but typically these are Ritek D01, which is essentially garbage. Consider yourself lucky if you get useful discs…

To be honest I’ve got several Ritek D01 discs, but there’s a couple (out of ten maybe) that have serious flaws (skipping, pausing in playback), and none of them scan worth beans on a Liteon or Benq burner.


Yup as has been mentioned above it all depends on where they were made. If they are made in Taiwan you might as well be buying Memorex, Fujifilm or Ritek/Ridata as they are all the same thing. If they are MIS then it was a great deal.


Well bad news guys. They were made in the big T… soo, i have watched 2 of them that i burned in the last 2 days, and they seem to play back fine. Cant say that for all of them, but i will watch out for issues… Thanks for the heads up, i will watch for the singapores


Some burners will burn the crap taiwan Ritek disk OK, my 111 does most of the time, and since the last update a long time ago my 1640 did a working one too. My 1655 does poorly to most DL disks and really hates the ritek ones so I’d say you got lucky and have a burner that tolerates them, hopefuly they hold up over time and all your players work OK with them.


lucky me then lol, i use my XBOX 360 primarily as my main DVD player. It has the Hitachi drive in it. So far i burnt about 5 movies with the discs since the other day. As a result all of them surprisingly worked. I had one flaw, which carried over to my Verbatim DVD+r’s. I dont know why, but Lord of War does not carry sound when it is copied. I tried with the Dual layer first, didnt work thought it was the disc, then tried again with my Verbatim SL disc and still could not work. Bummer, but as for dodging bullets, so far so good. Will learn from this mistake and next time purchase the good ones.