Just purchased LG 7500 DVD Recorder

Is there anyone that could help us. We have just purchased the LG7500 DVD recorder, but are having problems as we have got a freeview box.

We can get 5 channels, but can’t get any of the channels from the freeview box even though we have connected all scart leads and wires and arials as stated in the book.

Has anyone had the same problem and if so how do we overcome it.


If you connect your Freeview box to the SCART external input of the DVD recorder, then by selecting this as the recording source, you should be able to see (and record) whatever the Freeview box puts out.

Of course you’ll have to choose the channels on the Freeview box, leaving the recorder on EXT IN.

Yes you need to press the av button situated below the 7 button and use that to find your free view input.

hi i’m a new member and just wanted to know has anyone had problems with the clock on a lg 7500 it keeps jumping time you can set the right time and after a couple of days the times gone wrong