Just Purchased LDW-851SX

Hello, I recently purchased the above drive. I would like feedback from other users of the quality, and/or performance. Has anyone had any trouble with this particular drive? Any new firmware? Currently running GS0H. I would like any feedback possibel, I have 20 days to return this drive if it does not meet my satisfactory needs, so any info would be of great appreciation. Thank You.

Hey, welcome to the forum. I’ve had the 851s for about 3 weeks now and i’ve had no problems with this drive. Using code’s gs0h firmware and its great. Big ups to code for his work. The only problem i had is when i tried to use cheap media. Now i just use RICOHJPNR01 discs and its great. Works on my standalone player too when i burn movies. What needs do you have to meet before you will keep this drive? Just wondering. Hope you enjoy your drive!

I’d recommend you to search the Media Test forum for 851s scans. It’ll help you to see the drive’s media preferences (code2^16 posted his list of overall good media).

And… don’t rely solely on the feedback, burn DVDs and CDs and make your own conclusions.