Just purchased a BenQ 1620pro



Hello CDfreakers, I just purchased a BenQ 1620pro retail it already comes with 25 CD R and 25 DVD R discs. I was wondering when doing future purchases of DVD media what would be the best to purchase from the site for optical media Rima. I did some research on what media is the best from a thread in the BenQ section, but the serial codes for the media doesn’t correspond with ones on that site. So if someone could look at the site and tell me which ones to get, that would be much appreciated. Thanks


I’d suggest TY (Taiyo Yuden) from RIMA.com





Definitely Taiyo Yuden-



Verbatim +R (MCC 003) are good for BenQ as well. Otherwise stick to TY + or - and avoid other -R.