Just purchased a 5026, Questions

Hi guys, i just purchased a lite on 5026 with 80 gb hdd.

Now can i ask some questions as i have never owned one of these units.

1: Can i use the formware hack to remove macrovision protection on this device or is it for 5005 only?.

2: Can the HDD be changed to say a 120 oe 200 gb easily?

3: What are the advantages of flashing the 5045 firmware onto the 5026?

Thanks guys.

Oh yes guys and i noticed people saying you can update the firmware, and the drive firmware?, i have downloaded the v197 fw and ready macro hacked it, asuming this works on the 5026 ready to go, just waiting for the drive to arive :). But i cant find the drive fw anywhere?


  1. The hack will work on the 5026

  2. the firmware for the 5026 and 5045 at identical

  3. Some report success replacing 5045 HHD with larger drive formatted in FAT32 and set as master (you need to seach for more info)

Thanks bud, ill have a good search about.

I can find nothin in the search, only 1 thread, that justs ays yes with no info, i guess ill have to try myself.

I was just wondering, whatthe max size would be, and how come it usee fat and not ntfs?, so while recording the files must be split into 2gb max segments?

I hooked up a 30GB hard drive and formatted it from the tools menu of the 5045. Everything worked perfect using this method. Next I figured I would try a 300GB Seagate drive. Everything worked perfect on this drive with the exception of barely gaining any more recording time over the original 160GB hard drive. Recording time shows as 69 hours and 46 minutes in the SP mode. I started a recording to see if the minutes would be deducted from the original recording time. Unfortunately this was the case. I removed the drive from the 5045 and installed it in my PC. The drive shows as a Liteon FAT32 149GB. Does anybody know how to get the 5045 to see this drive as 300GB

I think I’ve formatted up 3 drives on the 5045 now – one of them formatted itself, well, what I mean is that the Tools handled it after an error message at boot time. But the other one just hung when I booted – it was a blank drive straight from its packaging – and I had to put a dummy boot sector and two FATs in to give it a helping hand. Perhaps that drive wasn’t as blank from the factory as I had thought! I know in the old days Seagate used to put a minimal 20Mb format on the start of the drives, with utilities to load Ontrack and stuff to your machine, in case the BIOS wouldn’t handle larger HDDs, but I would have thought they didn’t bother with that now.

There are a few options you could give a try:

[li]Create a 300GB partition on the drive (without formatting it). Hopefully, the Lite-On will use the full partition, rather than try resizing it when it formats it. :doh:[/li][li]If the above doesn’t work, format the 300GB parition in a PC as FAT32. Just note that Windows 2000 and XP do not support formatting FAT32 partitions over 32GB, so you’ll need a 3rd party format tool to format a parition of this size. Before you do this, copy off all the files the Lite-On recorder has placed on the drive to the PC and then copy these files back once the drive has been formatted. Hopefully, the Lite-On will accept it.[/li][li]Use a 3rd party partitioning tool (such as Partition Magic) to resize the partition the Lite-On created to the full drive capacity.[/li][/ol]If you do succeed in getting the Lite-On to recognise the full capacity of the drive, I would finally recommend filling it. The only problem here is that it will take a few over-night recordings in HQ mode just to do this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be intrested how you got on guys, maybe the 160gb size limit is a firmware or driver problem?, still worth a go.