Just purchased 108, where are the mods/tools?

I picked up a new 108 (fw 1.14) on the weekend for $100AUS, I actually wasn’t looking at buying a new DVD burner just yet, the 812S I have burns +R’s really well so i was sort of happy with that, the price of the 108 was the thing that got me.

Any way I have a lot of so called TY02 disc’s that my 812S will not burn so well (2 in 3 are coasters) so I thought I would give them ago in the 108 (after upgrading to fw 1.18), by default the 108 wants to burn this 8x media @ 12x so I thought what the heck lets see what happens. The 12x burn went well no errors, but failed on the data transfer test near the end of the disc (same problem with the 812S @ 8x, but they won’t play) but the disc plays fine without a hicup in my Pioneer 525 standalone player. I then tried the same media but @ 8x and the results are very good, data transfer test was fine KProbe scan was good and of course it plays in my standalone as well. :smiley: I have not tried any +R media (I have 75 RICOHJPNR02 discs) yet that will have to wait until tomorrow because I haven’t got anything that needs backing up yet, so that will be the next test.

So now to my question/comments, I have searched this forum and found that there are very few mods/tools for this drive, so I am taking this to mean that these drives generally work well out of the box and not much needs to be altered. I am not fussed by RPC1 and strat swapping, I use my 5232K for ripping which has codes riplock firmware installed, but do like the idea of DVD-ROM bitsetting even though my 525 doesn’t have a problem reading +R discs, so by the look of things all I really need to do is crossgrade to the Piodata 1.18 firmware and that’s it? If I should be doing something else to it to enhance it’s performance/quality please let me know?
Thanks in advance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, lets see, how about 2 up from this post, maybe less now i have added to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Look upto this list.

You missed the point Dude, compared to a Lite-On drive there isn’t much you can do to a 108 (as in tweaks) so what I meant was that the drives must so good there has been no need for anyone to make alot of different tools, (not like the Lite-On community) :stuck_out_tongue: thats all and if there are lots of Tools I can’t find them and yes I did read the post marked Pioneer firmware and mod links :iagree:

Thanks for your comments anyway :wink:

What you see at http://pioneerdvd.rpc1.org/ is pretty much all that there is available (but it’s a lot!). A RPC1, riplock-removed, and any-speed-for-all-media firmware is a lot of bang in one package.

would sure love to have bitsetting with all those other mods. Especially for dvd+rw also.

Maybe some wonderfull person clever with programming may come to our rescue.

Haps :smiley:

That would be good, but I would like all those other mods without RPC1 and bitsetting added. I’ve been spoilt with tools like omnipatcher and KProbe where you can pick the mods that you want to add and leave out those you don’t. :bigsmile:

Now don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for all the hard work the modders do and share with the DVD burning community :slight_smile: you all deserve a great big THANKS

Asking for a patch with RPC-1 excluded is senseless. Adding bitsetting to a firmware that doesn’t support it already is extremely difficult and only one patcher has ever taken the time to do it (for the NEC ND-1300A). The nX4all patch is also an extremely difficult one. RPC-1 and riplock removal are easy once it is done once properly.

I really not think bitsetting is so great, its only needed for old players, im sure pioneer sets to dvdrom booktype or some other term i not really interested in, i have burnt all but dl media and i mean all inc +/- upto 16x and it playes in 6 diff pc drives i have tried and 9 diff standalone dvd players.

I also not really like lite-on drives for anything, ive used but never owned, i prefer teac, also quieter at same 52xcdr or 16x dvd.

IMHO I think Pioneer would have an even bigger piece of the market if the 108 had bitsetting. Anymore that is a feature that many simply will not do without. And even if it’s someone who doesn’t use it, they still like the idea of it having it in case they ever want or need it.

I’m with hitman on this, though I love my 108, it would have been nice to have the bitsetting with the original firmware, but heck, I am using the Piodata firmware on my 108, and it runs great. Burned a couple of +R media and my Xbox can actually read them w/o issue. Maybe Pioneer will wisen up and add it to their own firmware, but until then, I’ll happily use Piodata’s firmware.

Just be glad Pioneer let the PioData kernel out…

yes, I guess I should be glad the thing burns as well to many types of media as it does.

Haven’t had any issues yet.

ps. with strawberries and suger on top… but would still love to be able to bitset dvd+rw