Just plain lucky?

hey i recently bought a laptop with a cd/dvd rewriter (cant expand much on tht coz i dont know much about all this technical jargon, the model far as i know is PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-K12D, I managed to make perfect copies of halo and call of duty using alcohol 120% is this just luck or is it coz my laptop came with a decent cd rewriter???

OK, slow down there, it may be luck, but you might also have some settings that might make you think you have a good copy, but you don’t. Try the cd’s on another computer(preferably a computer with a reader, not a writer as writers need special programs installed to play backuped games on a burner), and see if the games work.

yeh suppose ur right but hey dont see me not complaining, i think a lot of it is persistance i mean it took me god knows how long to get call of duty to copy

A personal backup is only meant to be used for one thing…your personal backups! It shouldn’t matter if it works on another computer or not, as long as it works on your computer then that’s all you need it for.:slight_smile: