Just picked a batch FUJIFILM YUDEN



Took a chance bought 50 of these, they look like the real deal?

Bought a couple of others to try, benq and sony will post later

edit they look good hub stamped with PG


Fuji is considered a reliable brand and they do indeed use the Taiyo Yuden dye’s. But, they’re also known to use Ritek. I have a bunch of Fuji DVD+R discs myself as well, Taiyo Yuden code and they work excellent in my Plextor DVD recorders (burning mostly at 8X or 12X but 16X also works).


Yup, Fuji DVD+Rs are virtually gauranteed to be TY. I can say with confidence that these are not fakes. :wink:


Thanks for the input, always welcomed.

Here is the above discs


The other batch were benq - DAXON AZ2
- SONY D11 Both nothing special, considering they were a couple of £s more expensive, than the fujis,(£5.89)