hi all. there seems to be loads of new threads on this forum. Does any of the admins/moderators think there should be another forum in tthe hardware section to dilute this out, like a “overclocking” forum?

take a vote :cop:

Actually, I think it would be fine if people just posted in the correct forum and didn’t start new threads to continue a discussion. It’s just getting a bit messy that way, but I don’t think we need more forums.

We only get one “I want to overclock my Ricoh MP7200” every quarter or so… Not enough to start a new forum in my opinion…

And what feeling does :cop: express? :bigsmile:

i dont know. it was new so i used it :cop:

ok, then, how about a “liteon oc forum”

But we already have that. It’s where you are now! :slight_smile:

but this forum is liteon all subjects, not just OCing 'em.

but i am going to let this topic go :slight_smile: