Just out of interest

I was just wondering how many people own a DVD Recorder and if so what you use it for? :slight_smile:

Burning my home movies to share with Grandma, what else is there :wink:

nothing that i know of :wink:

i only use mine for data archival purposes and not hollywood movies to play on a standalone DVD player or home-made stuff (i don’t have a DV camera). i store TV-rips, utility programs, old mp3s, images, and random .avi clips on DVDs…

I am yet to enter the WONDERFUL world of DVD burning…:slight_smile:

My system is so old I can’t add any other drives to it. And since it is old I refuse to buy an adapter card for it.

I am just waiting for the BTX motherboards to arrive and then a whole new computer will be brought to life.