Just ordered Pio 111D Crossflashing advantages?

Sorry about my newb-ness, I did a search on here and found that the advantage of crossflashing from 111D to 111L is to get bitsetting on single layer +R media, the ability to burn a picture onto the disc surface (aka Lightscribe/T@2) and the ability to burn DVD-RAM. Am I correct in these findings? I bought this drive to replace an ailing Plextor PX716-A (refuses to write to or read DVD-R media) and really would like bitsetting for burning +R media. Thanks.
PS: I ordered the Pioneer drive (OEM) via Newegg for 100 bucks cheaper than what I bought the Plexy for almost 2 years ago at BestBuy. Hell of a deal if you ask me.

That´s correct. If you do a crossflash to 111L you will get SL Bitsetting and the Labelflash/DiscT@2 feature.

Thanks, I already downloaded the 8.19 INT and 8.29 INT FW from TDB and used MCSE to remove Riplock. I make backups of all DVDs I buy, and as I understand it this will make that task much quicker.