Just ordered my Lite-On 40x 40125S from newegg.com

I have been tracking this burner ever since it was @ around $102. Well last week after going out of stock and then coming back again it hit 68 bucks and with shipping it is now $74 and is on its way to my doorstep! :bigsmile:

I have heard absolutely nothing but good things about this drive, and it will be replacing my old HP 10x that I sold and have been without for about 3 weeks now.

/Homer/ 40x goodness…mmmmmmmmm/Homer/

Anything you guys recommend for this drive other than the flash that is now out that allows Mt. Rainier support?

BTW about MRW, when it is flashed will I then be able to drag and drop files without InCD or will there need to be an update to WinXP also in the future?

Thanks for reading, I am sure I will be another satisifed Lite-On customer.

XP will need an update for shell support of Mt. Rainier yes.

Is this something available yet, if so where, if not when?

I just upgraded my x40 liteon burner to the new FW, and windows allows me to copy files and erase the cd from the desktop, I have winxp.

And your not running any 3rd party packet writing software like InCD???

Hey where can i find the xp update so xp will let me burn cd’s without 3rd party software after updating my 40->48

Airhead…can you give a few more details regarding the WinXP update that is needed…

Not really, since any update doesn’t exist.
XP does not support Mt. Rainier out of the box so it would need an update, which has not been released yet.
Atleast not that I know of…
So for now we have to use 3rd party software

Ok…then InCD will be necessary…how is it working…causing any BSODs