Just Ordered My 3500a, What's The Best Media Available In Stores?

I’m looking to burn at 16x. What is the cheapest most reliable media that is available at somewhere like a Fry’s?

I don’t think Frys has any 16X certified media yet.
You could get Fujifilm 8X DVD+R discs that say Made in Japan on them.
These will be YUDEN000T02 and will burn at 16X.

Ok thanks. How much do these usually cost for a 50 pack and does the 3500a burn them reliably? Also this might be a dumb question, but which is better to use in dvd players +r or -r?


You can get “A” grade Taiyo Yuden from www.rima.com for $.60 or less + reasonable shipping - I use 8x in both - and + R’s - get good burns-

All other media (Ritek, Prodisc) seem to do best using -R’s in both my 3500’s-