Just ordered a BENQ DW1640: Dilemma

I just placed an order for one of these babies :slight_smile:

However, I’m stuck in a dilemma. My current setup consists of the following:

1 x Lite-On 52x CD burner
1 x Pioneer 107D

all of which are working fine.

The dilemma is, which one of the optical drives should I replace with the BENQ DW1640? The Pioneer 107D has served me very well, and still going strong after burning hundreds of DVDs. On the other hand, the Lite-On is an excellent burner which I use to rip protected CDs and burn audio/data CDs.


Oh, one more question, does the DW1640 stock firmware come with riplock, or would I have to flash it with a modified firmware?


I’d probably swap out the Lite-On, unless you burn CDs and rip protected ones very often. I’ve found my CD burning has gone down dramatically since I got a DVD burner, but hey, if you still do a lot, swap out the Pioneer, I guess.

As for the riplock, initial reports seem to suggest that it is an incredibly fast DVD ripper out of the box. No one really modifies BenQ firmware outside of RPC-1, to my knowledge, either.

Cheers for the reply.

I don’t rip that protected CDs that often; in fact, I mainly use the Lilte-On for burning audio CDs, which I’m assuming, the Benq 1640 can do without any troubles. I might just swap out the Lite-On and have 2 DVD burners :smiley:


I’d switch out the Pioneer. While it may be an excellent 8x burner, it is still an 8x burner. Trust me; once you install a 16x burner (esp. one like the BenQ), you’ll find yourself never touching your slower DVD burners ever again.

You’ve got a point!

Choices, choices… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would keep the Pioneer, for two reasons:

  1. There are certain movies that one burner cannot read more than 2x even with speedpatch. For example The Big Black Comedy, my BenQ 1620 can only rip it at 2x, when I switch to another burner and it rip normally.
  2. If you have problem ripping a scratched disk in one burner you can try in another dvd burner.

If you have a spare drive bay, I’d put one (or both) of the IDE hard drives onto SATA converters.

Another alternative is to put the least used drive in an external - generally any enclosure bandwidth limitations will be less troublesome with CD-RW, as the maximum transfer rate for a 52x CD-R is closer to that of a 4x DVD than an 8x.

I would dump the lite-on, since the pioneer can be used as a ripper.