Just ordered a benq 1620 pro



just ordered the benq 1620pro please tell me i made the right choice?


In my opinion, that’s a good choice. I owned two since last year and they are good.

But, be prepared to hear other opinions. :slight_smile:


I would rather to wait (if in US) for either NEC 3540 or BenQ 1640 that are present generation of 16X DVD writers or if in Europe would buy those drive .


No comment. Wait and see.


LOL chas, I know you want to write something…


Restraint is the better part of something…I just can’t think of what right now.
No point in commenting on a done deal.


1620…good burner if you’re not stuck with one that has a QC issue.


so wot is the main difference between the nec 3540 and the benq 1620? i mean is there alot?


BenQ works for me. I have 2. Both work fine. Life is good.


What would you like to say to someone who now has six DW1620? :bigsmile:


Cool!!! :cool:


Braggart… :stuck_out_tongue:

BenQ 1620 is a good burner, kingabs I’m sure you will be happy with it. :wink:


WOW. :eek: :bigsmile:


kingabs, everyone has different experiences. For instance… my NEC 3500 isn’t even in any of my computers, while I use both my 1620’s everyday.

Are you going to be using +R or -R media?


Kingabs please post some media scans when you have it


okay got the 1620 pro today seems pretty good also bought a nec 3540 that seems pretty good too! at the moment using ridisc x 8 go5 really good quality v impressed although might sell the 1620 pro i must be mad buying 2 dvd rw + the nec would be better as the place i got it from is down the road from me and the 1620 pro was bought from an online retailer! to much hassle to rma it if it stoped working!!!


Well…(insert tongue in cheek smilie here) I would say keep at it pal. You are bound to get a good one sooner or later. Don’t give up! :wink:


Quite common around here. Welcome to the club.:bigsmile: