Just ordered a 411s. Is it a good choice?

I just ordered a new system and got a 411s as my burner. Is this a good choice? I see several issues here in the forum, but I do realize that this is a support forum and most people come here because they have a problem and need support. I was just hoping for an honest answer to wether this dvd burner is a decent product comparable to others in its price range, or if the overall opinion is that i should spend a few more $'s and get a better burner, i will call and have it swapped out before the system is shipped. looking forward to some non-biased opinions.

Thank you

If I were you I would exchange the 411S for a 811S. 8x DVD+R for a small difference of price :smiley:

yes i just took back my 411s for the 811s actually on pricewatch the 811s was less than the 411s at bestbuy;) i think it was like 149$ at newegg with free shipping and no sales tax.

but as far as the 411s having problems it just has problems with - dvds and cheap media…i have ritex - disks never had a lick of problem with it. my - cmc disks always would get write errors but i had the same problem with my sony dru-500a too with those cheap disks and that was writing at 1x speed!:o