Just ordered 2510A, which media?

Just wondering if you guys could give me your opinions on the best media for this drive?

Is it picky like Lite-on drives, or will it burn successfully with almost anything?

I’ve been looking at these:





I’d go with the Riteks.

50 Pack

100 Pack only $37 after rebate with free shipping

Thanks for the suggestion. Anyone else have another opinion?


hp dvd+ 4x

Riteks no doubt.

Bulkpaq orange and Datawrite are also good. 25 4x Bulkpaq £3.95 www.svp.co.uk :iagree:

The NEC is a known quality writer will burn through almost anything with ease, unless you’re feeding it landfill quality media. RITEKs, CMCs, TYs, PRODISCs and all the “mainstream” stuff is good.


Thanks for the replies. Just curious, has anyone had any luck with Optodisc04 media? I was one of the people that ordered Samsung media from Newegg, expecting TY, but got Optodisc instead.



The test forum has some decent scans using the ND2500A with stock firmware (the 2510 should do at least as well, you’d think) burned at 4x. There’s also a marginal scan using the 2500 with an older version of Herrie’s hacked firmware burned at 8x. If you stick to 4x, you’ll probably be fine.