Just not right women having to wear dresses on TV



I was watching a news channel the other day and it came to me that on all these shows women are always in a dress, while 90% of woman wear pants now days. Of course it is the sex thing the reason they make them wear a dress. I think it is time for this to change. It bad enough that so many advertizement always has a half dressed women to sell the product. I tell my wife from time to time, when I see this does this mean if I buy that product I will get a women like that and see always of course.


This site takes women reporting the news to a whole different level. :wink:


… at least they aren’t wearing dresses!


You notice that on the site you posted none all have great bodies which is not the case for a lot of women


Well, if I am going to watch a woman give the news naked then I don’t mind them looking good. NO ONE would want to see me giving the news naked!


I rather see women wearing dresses on the news than men in dresses on the news…erase that thought …please!