Just need a (really) short answer about BW525 + Plex Premium + Autoplay?!


i searched and searched but i could not find what i wanted to know…

d-loaded the bw525 demo + tweaker, just to view what it actually looks like… so, searched out a securom new protected game to copy it… .the official gothic 2 add-on…

used the tweaker to make settings like topology with plex prem, subcodes, NO autoplay…
startet bw from the tweaker, looks fine from here on, there’s the “settings by BW5Twekaer” in the bw-window-title…

but when the write process started, i watched to log and there was it:
Backup tagged for Autoplay


So, the quesion in my thread here is:

Is Autoplay added to the disc now or not? Even if the message appeared in the log?!?



if you turned autoplay OFF in the tweaker, it will still say “Backup Tagged For Autoplay”, but from my tests (on games that needed autoplay to run) they didnt run even though it said “Backup Tagged For Autoplay”, so a short anser would be No they havnt been tagged for autoplay, i guess its just a bug in bw5tweaker, but as far as i know if you are using a plextor premuim just copying without bw5tweaker on the “Automatic” profile will make 1:1 copies of SecuROM new, regardless of autoplay bieng enabled or not.

hope this explains it,

ben :slight_smile:

ps. does autoplay on securom games, i thought it was for emulationg inperfect safedisc backups?

ok, that answer makes it more easy to me, i don’t have to test by myself… :wink:
thanks Ben!


without bw5tweaker on the “Automatic” profile will make 1:1 copies of SecuROM new, regardless of autoplay bieng enabled or not.

i don’t like that much “automatism” - that’s why i did not (yet) change from bw457 to bw5 … :wink:
i like switches and buttons… :wink:


well, to be honest the “Autoplay” drove me away from blindwrite for a while, as it was making copies that could work without autoplay only work with autoplay, so i went back to CloneCD 4.3 (at the time there was NO emulation other than Hide CD-R Media). anyway now i made some BlindWrite 5 Profiles so i know for sure if autoplay is off, but if it is off in BW5Tweaker it wont be burned to the cd even if it says so.

ben :slight_smile:

just saw that this log-message only appears if i use the tweaker in “copy” mode… if i use it for reading, then quit BW, then use it seperately for writing this log-entry is not made… :slight_smile:
so, i guess it’s really just a “bug” in bw + tweaker + copy-mode…

You can test if autoplay was really embedded in the CD you burnt by looking at sector #2. If it’s filled with zeroes, then it’s all right, if not, that means blindwrite added some data.
Don’t worry though, it’s not been blacklisted yet…