Just moving the subs a bit up

Ok thaught, such simple thing I will look it up in 1 sec but ehm I cant seem to find it anywhere in the guides :slight_smile:



must be:




think this is clear enough ^^
I am using dvdfab platinum, and as far as I know its the only program that can move subs in a dvd format.

I have no idea how to do this, but I think that some more details are needed.

What type of movie are you trying to modify? Is it an avi or a DVD?

What type of subtitles there are in the movie? Are they on a separate file (.srt for example) or are they embedded on the movie?

I think this person wants to move the subtitles up higher on the screen. This is just my guess :wink:

Try DVDSubEdit. Easy to use works perfectly. Put the subtitles anywhere on the screen, change colors, create forced subs, etc. It is free (thank you jeanl for this great software:clap: ). Here is the link: http://download.videohelp.com/DVDSubEdit/

Sry for the unclear info :slight_smile:

I have a avi movie with srt, it works perfectly
When I convert it to dvd, the sub is to big , to low and has a ugly font

dvdsubedit, will check it out, thx :wink:

mmm got some error when I open a part 1 .vob ( got like 4 parts in dvd format )

how can I fix this ?

I think the error means that one of the commands in one the DCSQTs (or the DCSQT structure maybe) can’t be handled by DVDSEdit for some reason. Repairing this is far beyond anything I could help you with, sorry. There are instructions on jeanl’s website for making contact as well as a forum link (I think on doom9) where more expert help can be obtained. DVDFab has no abillity to relocate subtitles that I know of. At this point you may be better off going back to the original and starting over if your goal is to have a DVD version of this movie with subtitles. All the format conversions may have corrupted something.

Ok thx for the help :slight_smile:

and it wasnt dvdfab platinum, but just dvdfab ( old version )