Just made the blu ray jump!

Yo guys,

I have just decided to go ahead and get me some blu ray hardware. Reason being because I have a sony 1080p camcorder and my main entertainment set up is a 42" Sony Bravia 1080p with a Logitech Z-5500 5.1 set up.

So… I want to make good use of it.

I have a PS3 coming shortly which will be my blu ray player of course :slight_smile:

For burning I have just bought a Pioneer BDR-203BK. With which I bought 10 Ritek branded BD-R’s because they are a cheap starter.

My main question is in regard to film backups. A Blu-Ray film I would assume is on a 50GB dual layer disc. Therefore how much quality loss am I going to see when shrinking it onto a 25GB disc using DVDFab?

After all… The point of me having BluRay is for max quality. My current set up involves me using DVDFab to backup my films onto Dual Layer DVD’s at 100% quality.

So whats the crack with blu ray down from 50GB discs to 25 then?