Just looking for some reliable info on how to add an extra dvd drive. I have an emachines T5026 with pent 4 160 gb.sata and 512mb ddr sdram dual channel. The set-up now is a nec 5320a and a h l data cd-r/rw gc-8400b and now i have a lite on dvdrw shw-160p6s and would like add it to the group


One or two harddrives - and how many 5 1/2 openings?

1 harddrive and two 5.5" openings, both in use.

get a new case or loose one of the other drives!

If there’s a FireWire port going spare then buy an external enclosure and stick the LiteOn in that.

Or if you are good with metal and riveting, you can mod your own case to hold the drive, and add an extra cooling fan. I did this with a Medion computer awhile back, and it worked fine. I did end up having to go with a better power supply though… Just make darn sure that you don’t get any metal filings in and around your motherboard, or any other circuitry…

. As far as mounting the thing, I have no idea.
. If you manage to get it mounted, here’s a few tips. I’m not very familiar with SATA, so that may negate the rest of this msg.
. Most mobo have two IDE/EIDE/whatever channels that can each handle two drives. Since you are using SATA for the HDD, I am assuming that all four addresses are available - that may be a bad assumption.
. If you plan on doing any disc-to-disc copying then those two drives should be on separate channels (hooked to different connectors on the mobo). Not that big of a deal with newer drives and mobos, but can cause slowdowns/errors.
. You should be able to set all 3 disc drives to Cable Select (CS) and let the system assign addresses. If that doesn’t work then set one drive on each channel to Master and the third drive to Slave. If the M/S setup keeps you from booting, then the SATA is probably interfering (acting as a Master).
. Personally, I’d get an external enclosure and use USB (if it’s fast enough) or Firewire, but I’m a big sissy when it comes to taking saws and drills to my case.