Just loads and loads and loads

Hi all; Just updated to prior to this I much
had no problems to speak of , now I tried to backup
two dvd and they both just load and thats that…

I checked my settings and nothing had changed from
before. Using same media,same coffee,just joking.

Thanks for any help

If needbe I could always do a system restore to
yesterday and pick up my last ver. which worked
like a charm.

HI harmabif
please download and install version from HERE
and let us know if you still have the problem


I’ll try it when I get home ,I work nights…
thanks Stormtrouper for your suggestion…

I’am sorry it’s stormjumper

Thanks for the info stormjumper, I downloaded beta ver,all systems go.
I must of had a clitch in the other download that caused my problem.

Thank Don

Hey Don
So glad you got the problem fixed :clap: , very happy to have helped that is what we all are here for to help each other out when needed :bigsmile: .

Tim :cool: