Just installed xp home and

nero will only burn on to -r dvd’s and not +r. which i bought a load of last week.
I was using windows 98se with no problems at all.

With xp home it tells me to put in a -r or -rw only…??

Other burns are fine using dvd shrink but sometimes i burn more than 1 disc and you don’t get the option to burn more than 1 on shrink.

Thanks in advance for any help

the nero i’m using is 6 and i just got the latest update from there site… :sad:

service pack 2 is also installed…

i just uninstalled it and put win98se back on and it still won’t let me write to +r ???

What burner are you using? Does it write to +R media?

As above, check out your DVD Drive and find out exactly what type of discs it writes to.

You may find that it only writes to -R/RW. If so, you’ve bought the wrong media !