Just installed Nero 5.91. Asks to create image, and won't burn

I just installed Nero, and for some reason, it asks to create an image when I go to burn. If I click cancel, then it cancels and nothing happens. If I name the image, then it looks like it’s burning, and says it’s burning, but nothing gets burned to the CD.

Just a little FYI, the buffer is not active, and when I go to burn, it does not ask me at what speed I would like to burn.

Any ideas? I’ve been able to burn with my burner before.

I don’t use Nero, but if no one replies soon you might try reinstalling Nero to replace all default settings and maybe the main window will pop up asking you what type of burn you’d like to do instead of automatically assuming an image burn.

The buffer needs to be active.

Older versions of Nero do not support newer drives.

This old version does not recognige your drive so it will only allow you to create an image.

You need a newer version of Nero.

I figured it had something to do with not recognizing the drive. Thanks.

Btw, there’s no patch to update it?

It’s more likely that the version you installed was an OEM copy meant for a specific burner , ie it was supplied with burner x & will only recognise burner x.
I think that Nero 6 is less restricted in this. You can get the latest V6 ( from the Ahead website, just depends on the serial number you’ve got whether it installs/runs.

Actually, that version of Nero I have installed on all of my computers with no problem. It just didn’t like his.

And, btw, I installed EZ-CD Creator 6 on his computer, and it worked great. Thanks.