Just installed my 716a



I just installed my 716a in my HP. It looks like it does have a cable select cable in there. I switched the jumper on the 716 to cable select. I installed Plextools and did a write transfer test on the blank DVD+r they give you with the drive. When I do the test on the 16x media, it is giving me a max speed of 8.15x. Is that anything for me to be concerned with? Do I have to use the cable that Plextor gave me?


Update: It seems to be reading very slowly also. My DVD/CD reader that is rated at 4x, seems to be reading faster. I did the “hold eject button” trick.


download the intel acclelerator on intels site…


volntitan, let us know your system spec (processor, mobo, OS, HDD etc) so we can troubleshoot better.

First, set the drive to Master and your other optical drive to Slave.
Do you have other media to test?
Can you check the DMA setting of your drive, whether it’s UDMA2 or UDMA4 or something else?


I have a Pent. 4, 2.53ghz, 512 of Ram. I am running Windows XP. Not sure how I tell what the motherboard is, but it is an HP 783 computer. I set the jumper to cable select since that is the way the other drive was set. The Master is connected to the 716. The DMA setting of the 716 is: Transfer Mode: DMA if available Current transfer mode: Ultra DMA Mode 5. This is all under device 0. Under Device 1, it is DMA if available, but it says current transfer mode is not available.


Could be a poor sample of media. Try other DVD+R’s.


The UDMA5 is probably your HDD. Check both Primary IDE Channel and Secondary IDE Channel. PX-716A should be either UDMA2 or UDMA4.

I would strongly suggest to set the jumper to Master for the 716a and if you have another drive connected in the same IDE cable, set it to slave. This is also explained in the manual.



I only set it to Cable Select because that is what my other drive was set to. I assumed it had a “cable select” ribbon cable in there, so is that the right settings?

Also, I did check the primary and secondary IDE channel. The secondary one is set for UDMA2 on both device 0 and device 1. On the Primary, it is UDMA 5 on Device 0, but nothing on Device 1.


Check the IDE cable, does it looks like the IDE cable from plextor with Blue-Grey-Black pins? Let us know.

What is the 716 firmware? Did you update with 1.04u?


It looks like the one that came with the Plextor, except it says “master” , “slave” right next to the connectors. I did update with 1.04.


Use the cable that came with the Plextor drive and connect it to the end of the cable - that should set it as master. Did you update with the newer v1.04 firmware that was just released yesterday? It fixes a slow bus speed issue that some had with non-intel chipset motherboards. Might try that version.


I would think it sees it as the master, since it is for sure connected to the master end (says master right behind the connector. I will get the latest download. I got the 1.04 on Saturday.


Sorry to ask a stupid question, but if I put on the new ribbon cable provided by Plextor, I set the Jumper on the 716 from cable select to Master. Do I also change the slave drive from cable select to slave?


Update: did the firmware upgrade (the “new” 1.04) and now running much faster. Still never reached 16x on the write test, but by end of the test it was running 15x. Should I still change the ribbon cable?






Yes, if you’re going to use a drive as Master, the second device needs to be set to Slave.

When PoweRec is enabled for your Plextor PX-716A 16x will not be reached as PoweRec will limit the write speed to around 15x. This is normal. If you want to reach 16x you have to disable PoweRec. Via PlexTools > Write Transfer Rate Test you can do a simulation DVDR burn. This will show you exactly how your drive is performing. Once this test is complete right mouseclick on the image and save it as .PNG and upload it here so we can take a look :wink: