Just installed. Get error message after burning Blu-Ray

I just installed this drive under Windows 7 (64bit). Read others have no trouble with it. On my side, the bundled software does not work. I tried NERO 9 (last release) and after an hour of burning process, I get the message that burn process failed (even just at 2x). Talking about a simple DATA disc here, not yet about a real blu-ray video…

  1. After installing bundled software, the program asked to update firmware, which I okayed. Had to unselect the .exe in msconfig though, as it prompted at each and every boot…

  2. Burning under Cyberlink bundled Power2G does nothing : after an hour, process remains at 0%, and the led on the drive never blinked…

  3. Under NERO 9 : get the process going, but at the end, get the message stated above. However, everything seems to be burned on the disc: it’s viewable in Explorer; the file count is same as on the HDD folder. The size of burned disc is same as folder on HDD. I could open files on the disc.

Tried 3 BD discs (two Verbatim, one Memorex). Same results every time. Very annoying, as I don’t know if my content is 100% reliable. And why do I get such message. Seems to be LTH issue with the drive. Support at LG is like trying to reach a cactus in desert.

I am under the software/hardware blaming each other to be culprit.

Would like to hear from some of you who are using the BH08 - I am on the edge of removing everything (drive and sosftware) and go for complete refund, but want to make sure I did my homeworks.


I think most of us using Blu ray drives would have chosen the Pioneer 205BK over the LG.

I suggest you read some entries in this thread about the poor quality of Ritek media (Memorex uses them) in this thread: http://club.myce.com/f142/my-ritek-2x-bd-rs-all-dead-306492/
Verbatim seems fine so far.

Most of us in these forums who burn Blu ray use a free program called ImgBurn. You should try it.

Thanks for replying. Indeed, I returned the LG today - no time and money to waste doing more tests.

I have looked at the Pioneer: very very interesting (also positive comments). Guess I am going to order one, but wonder if I should wait for the technology to stabilize a bit (and prices will probably drop within another couple of months - both on drives and media).

After all, I have other solutions meanwhile to free some HDD space… :wink:

Thanks again for the hint on the Pioneer drive.


Blu-ray burner prices are dropping but very slowly, in a couple months there won’t be much change unfortunately.