Just installed 832S...Questions

Hi Guys!

New shiney drive installed (832S) however I have some questions:

  1. where’s the manual? I want the official recommended media list (that’s how I choose media!)

  2. VS01 is this an old firmware? Time for a new one?

  3. Did I not read that this drive comes with a DVD+R DL disk? It didn’t it came with a DVD+R x8 and DVD-R x4. Still it’s nice to get some media.

  4. Where are the famous lite-on utils? Are they on the Nero CD (I haven’t installed this as I already own the retail version!)

  5. Oh I have these disks, which would be good?
    Maxell DVD-R 4x

Disc Type DVD-R
Book Type DVD-R
Manufacturer Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
Media ID TYG01

Verbatim Datalife Plus 4x DVD-R(printable)

Disc Type DVD-R
Book Type DVD-R
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Media ID MCC 01RG20

Verbatim Datalife Plus Pastel 4x DVD-R

Disc Type DVD-R
Book Type DVD-R
Manufacturer Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
Media ID TYG01


Disc Type DVD-R
Book Type DVD-R
Manufacturer TDK Corporation
Media ID TTG01


1/ LiteOn doesn’t do printed manuals. Or officially recommended media lists. Probably because brands like Memorex change suppliers so often. Use +R. TY is good. Ricoh is good. :slight_smile:

2/ Definitely! VS01 is buggy. VS03 (download it from the official LiteOn website) is much better.

3/ I think the only drives coming with DL discs are those sold in Japan.

4/ The only officially supported LiteOn utilities are Smart-Burn and the Booktype utility, both of which are posted on the official LiteOn website. All of the other tools are unofficial, and can be found in the tools sticky at the top of this forum.

5/ These are all fine discs. Though LiteOn prefers +R, it generally doesn’t do too badly on -R, either (though -R results seem to vary a lot more than +R from drive to drive, and there have been a few people with bad -R abilities despite having good +R abilities)

Thanks dude! I found the utilities from the FAQ just after posting… I know RTFM or RTFFAQ! I have played with Smartburn very nice wee utility. Is Booktype only per burn? Should I set it before or after burning hmmm, I’ll go read on the LiteOn site.

Learning stuff rocks!

hey ppl, I’ve also just bought my new 832s! First I installed fw vs03 and then I tried 3 types of media: RICOHJPNR02(8x +R) , CMC MAG AF1(4x -R) and YUDEN000T02(8x +R). The first 2 came with my drive, the taiyo yuden was a plextor disk. I noticed a strange thing when i kprobed the TY, the PI scan showed 3 levels of PI errors, and it seems to me that the amount of pi errors changed when the recording speed changed (very high PI for 4x, very low PI for 6x, even lower PI for 8x). I have attached tha scans of all 3 disks so you can take a look. The cmc scan created perfect results( written with 4x though).
Can anyone tell me what is going on with the TY disk? :confused:
I’ll try some mcc003 today using vs04, hope results get even better :slight_smile:

How come mine don’t look so good!

Alex_oz i think i will steal your new 832s!!!

Well, since the result you posted is from a different disk I can’t make a comparison, give cmc magnetics af1 a try :cool:

what kind of bugs? do they involve recording quality at the end of the disk? i saw several kprobe scans with rising error level at the end of disks recorded with 832. does VS03 firmware solve this issue?
i have to decide between 832 or nec 2510
thank you

To be honest, I haven’t played with VS01 enough to notice what all the bugs are. I just know that there have been people who report strange problems with VS01 that go away when they switch to VS03. Actually, now that VS04 is out, I would recommend VS04 instead of VS03…

I’ve just burnt another plextor disk using vs04 and nero(the previous one was with vs03 and dvd decrypter). Well certainly the pi errors at the beginning have decreased from ~550 to ~450 but still far from good. Guess I won’t be buying another TY for some time…

Also, is the quality of burn dependent in any way to the application I use to burn the disk?

I had printed manuals for both of my drives (in signature). I’m talking about retail packages, of course. Recommended media lists were in the manuals too. Liteon didn’t mention Memorex if my memory serves me well, it used CMC instead :wink: DVD Media test forum is better than any recommended media list, though.

The manuals are available at the Liteon web site.

my drive is retail but without manuals. That said I am getting on fine without them.